Bombillas de bajo consumo que regulan la luminosidad

Ésta bombilla está fabricada por Advanced Lumonics y aseguran que es la bombilla de bajo consumo más evolucionada del momento.

Consume 13 watios y ofrece una luminosidad similar a una bombilla tradicional de 100 watios.

Además del bajo consumo, puedes regular y la luminosidad de la bombilla entre 250, 750 y 950 lumens, interesante si quieres graduar la luminosidad sin tener que cambiar de bombilla o utilizar reguladores externos.

Lo que no regula de momento es el precio … unos 70 euros la unidad.

The folks at Advanced Lumonics sure seem confident in their new EarthLED EvoLux R LED light bulb, with them even going so far as to flatly declare it the «world’s most advanced light bulb.» Helping it earn that self-proclaimed distinction is the 13 watt LED at the heart of the bulb, which provides the equivalent output of a 100 watt incandescent bulb, and its EvoDim feature, which will let switch between three different output settings (250, 750, and 950 lumens) without a special dimmer switch. Of course, all those light bulb bragging rights don’t come cheap, with each bulb setting you back a hefty $100, although the company promises that’ll work out to less than $6 per year by the time the bulb finally gives up. If that’s a bit too much for you, you can also get non-dimmable versions $80.


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